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Welcome on the official homepage of the Hungarian Opel Manta Club!


(Not only for Manta owners, all OPEL owners are welcome!)



The Club has been in operation for over 23rd years as one of the largest open communities in the country. Yes, it is an Opel and not only Manta community because almost all types of Opel can be found in the Club as a result of some reforms carried out over the past years.
When the Club was founded, in 1994, our objective was to provide a forum for people with similar interests who looked after their Manta as their children. By now, however, the Hungarian Opel Manta Club has become a decisive factor in the Hungarian motor life because, in addition to organising the only International Opel Meeting of Hungary and the east European region, which was organised for the eleventh time in 2006 with a large number of participants from all over Europe, as one of the founders of the Hungarian Vintage Cars and Motor Association takes an active part in the Hungarian old timer events. It was one of the founders of the Association of Hungarian Brand Clubs and it is a well known member of the large family of European Opel Clubs. The Club, which has over 200 members today, provides its members with varied programmes all over the year:


- visit or participation at the events of several other Hungarian clubs (non Opel)
- participation at several west European Opel meetings
- summer International Opel Meetings
- participation at a number of Hungarian motor races (slalom, speed and other rally events)
- other programmes promoting friendship (e.g.: parties at the end of winter and end of season, summer bob, gocart, beach parties including different forms of barbecuing)


The Hungarian Opel Manta Club holds its regular monthly meeting on the first Saturday of each month.

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